Residential concept

modern & advanced
Comfort and spaciousness are central to the residential concept of Toyo-Cabo de Gata Resort, as one of the most modern and advanced resorts of the Mediterranean coast. It encompasses large green and recreation areas, prioritizing vegetation above all else.
modern & functional

The integration of living and sports areas along with the existing nature that is spacious and tranquil is the bottom line of the concept. This is accentuated in both the communal and private spaces of every community that makes up the resort. From within the home begins an automated and underground vacuum waste collection system. It is a modern, functional, and clean system that brings residents comfort and ease. It allows the resort and each community a neat and pleasant general appearance.

surrounded by green areas

The buildings of the complex, varying in height, also give priority to comfort and spaciousness. They are always surrounded by green areas with sports facilities and swimming pools or around a golf course. The lack of overcrowding and excessive height blends the concept of a residential community with that of luxury villas.


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